Towards Five years of Buni #Buniat5


at5topNovember 2016 Buni will be celebrating its five years of operation since formed. Special thanks to the government of Tanzania and Finland (TANZICT) for the support provided throughout our five years of operation.

Now what is Buni exactly?

Buni is a technology Hub which fosters innovation and technology entrepreneurship through capacity building internship program, mentoring programs and community empowerment. Founded in 2011, Buni Hub’s focus is to discover, nurture and mentor youths with innovative technological solutions to problems facing the community in Tanzania and the world at large.

Buni Hub imparts business centered employable hands on skills and knowledge  to youths who are determined to distinguish themselves from the ordinary employee and/or entrepreneurs who aspire to be different from the average entrepreneur with little to no strategic business development skills. Buni Hub’s contribution to the local innovation ecosystem is supported by 4 core programs namely;

  1. Buni Internship Program
  2. Buni Mentoring program (Pre-Incubation Program)
  3. Buni Community outreach Program
  4. Buni Fabrication Laboratory

We are happy to say that, Buni has gathered more than 1000+ interns who have undergone our capacity building program (Internship) thus making them form early stage companies/startups that aim at solving the problems within the community.

Successful startups from the internship program, undergo a mentorship program (pre-acceleration) which aims to train the startups to have a Product Market fit (MVP) at the end of the program.

Throughout our five years of operation Buni has managed to support more than 200+ startups through our mentorship program to develop their products, form new teams and establish their brands to the market. We are happy to say that, Soka App, Agriinfo, TImetickets, TangoTv, Thinkers Tech, IPF softwares, Edutaarifa, Prinpo, Bajaj Salama and so many other startups are part of the Buni Family.

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