Reach for Change is excited to announce another Tigo Digital Changemakers competition!


Dear Social Entrepreneur,

Tigo and Reach for Change are joining forces to find and support Tanzanians highest potential social entrepreneurs working to improve the lives of children and the society. This year, we are once again delighted to announce that the focus for this year will be financial inclusion, education and business entrepreneurship! All the initiatives need to be digital solutions. Read on to find out more!

The Tigo Digital Changemakers competition is open for applications now until 21st November 2016

If you have an initiative using digital tools or technologies to improve the lives of children and society, we warmly invite you to apply to this competition and stand a chance to be selected as one of our 2016 winners.

2 winners will receive $20,000 each and coaching from Tigo and Reach for Change, to help create positive change for the society and children.

Apply Now to become a Digital Changemaker!

As you already have an account on the Reach for Change application site, you can log in using the same username and password as before.

If you have forgotten your username or password click here to reset it.

Tigo Digital Changemakers – Selection Criteria

Initiatives we are looking for must be:

  • Innovative and creative
  • Have potential for great social impact for the community
  • Be scalable in order to reach many children
  • Have a sustainable financial plan
  • Have potential to be system changing

Digital connection:

  • Use or have the potential to use mobile, broadband, digital and/or information technology, as part of the solution, to scale the impact, or to improve quality of impact
  • Promote connectivity and access to communications, particularly to underserved populations or has the potential of doing so.

Individuals we are looking for must:

  • Have entrepreneurial skills
  • Have leadership skills
  • Have a passion for social change
  • Be the leader of the organisation established to deliver the solution

All the best and good luck!

The Digital Changemakers Team