Internship Programme – Buni

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Buni Internship Program is a 8 to 10 weeks program primarily for University students to practically validate their theoretical skills acquired from school individually or in teams through an intense capacity building and business development process driven by ideation, team formation, product development, customer/market validation training among others from professional business coaches and mentors.

At the end of the program participating teams present their problem/solution fit prototypes to a panel of cross-cutting judges and mentors for product endorsement before the teams are enrolled to Buni Mentoring Program.



Mentorship   Program- Buni

Buni Programs

Buni Internship program is a feeder program of the Buni mentoring program. The renewable 3 months mentoring program enrolls graduate teams from BIP with working prototypes and external teams with ICT/technology related business ideas from the Buni community outreach program.

We offer our mentees capacity building trainings, advanced ideation, product development, team formation and retention trainings etc. Our trainees are granted access to Buni hubs conducive co-working space with unlimited internet access.

Teams graduating from Buni Mentoring program are expected to have a product/market fit (MVP).

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Fabrication Lab – Buni

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A fabrication laboratory also known as ‘fab-lab’ is a small workshop equipped with sophisticated rapid prototyping tools for product development.

The members only Buni mini workshop provides registered members with a co-working space where ideas are transformed into functional products.

Buni fab-lab goal is to inspire makers to learn, create and commercialize new products development as well as form a global knowledge sharing community of technology enthusiasts, researchers, inventors and innovators. The space also acts as a knowledge sharing platform for capacity building and integration of hardware skills.

The fab-lab grants registered grass-root innovators and inventors full access to advanced product development tools for making products which address local needs and problems in a bid to help improve living standards in Tanzania through creation of hardware solutions such as the e-waste 3D printer. The e-waste printer was the first 3D printer to be built in Tanzania by Buni makers at the mini lab which is arguably the first mini fab-lab to be established in Tanzania.

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