While building technology products has become more affordable due to the various off the shelf solutions, the truth remains that building a scalable and custom solution is going to require a fairly large investment. It is much more than hiring a developer to build a website or an app.

 We’ve had many entrepreneurs looking to build products, and we often find ourselves having to educate these entrepreneurs about transforming ideas into products. Our recommendation to entrepreneurs is always the same,  you need to think long and hard about what you’re trying to build and why and we often ask them to do the following.

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stickies-collageOne month after the commencement of the Buni Internship program, interns have successfully managed to form ideas and performing initial development phase. This week, it was time for them to go and validate their business ideas to their target market. Now what exactly is customer validation?

Customer validation is the phase of the Customer Development model where you obtain Read more

Article by: Sage Swaby July 26th


Matthew R. Gale, vice president of business development at SimpleCitizen, was welcomed to BUNI Hub this Wednesday, July 26. Gale, who is originally from Utah, currently lives in Mexico with his wife, who is from Costa Rica. Being with his wife has allowed him to see the immigration process up close as she had to go through it. Gale was excited to share with the BUNI interns and others how easy the visa process is with SimpleCitizen and what they need in order for their startups to be successful in America as well as in Tanzania. Read more

Article by: Sage Swaby July 21st


Monday, July 23 – Last Friday, July 21, SLUSH Global Impact Accelerator’s (GIA) pitching competition was held at BUNI Innovation Hub in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Their third time in Tanzania, SLUSH observed 11 promising startups pitching their businesses. SLUSH GIA’s mission is to bring more impact-driven startups from emerging markets to Helsinki, Finland allowing them to attract financing and build long lasting networks. SLUSH was created in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland and other multiple global partners. Beginning around noon, SLUSH opened up the event with an explanation of how each startup had three minutes to pitch and a five-minute Q&A from the judging panel. Maryam Mgonja, BUNI partnerships manager, was introduced further discussing what BUNI was and how it operated within SLUSH. Read more

Article By: Sage Swaby July 20th 2017


Monday, July 24 – Last Thursday, July 20, the Seedstars startup pitching competition took place at Buni Innovation Hub at 4 p.m. Fanny Dauchez, associate for Seedstars World Africa, opened the event with a welcome speech, introducing all the judges, and embracing others who came to support.  The first pitching session included startups Worknasi, Emakatt, Afropremiere,
TanzDevs, and Nefrids Africa. Each startup was given five minutes to pitch followed by a five minute Q&A from the judge panel consisting of the five judges:
● Fanny Dauchez, Seedstars World, Associate for Africa
● Jacqueline Dismas, Buni Hub, Co-Hub Manager
● Edwin Bruno, Smart Codes, Founder & CEO
● George Mulamula, Teknohama, CEO
● Jones Mrusha, JonSoft Group, Open Innovation Consultant
After a 30 minute intermission, the second pitching session began. Startups SOMAAPPS, Flow Farm, Be A Lady, HadithiApp, and ScholarDream pitched their businesses. Once the pitching ended, Read more