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SPRING Accelerator are preparing to launch their 3rd cohort in East Africa in 2017. SPRING is an accelerator working with growth-oriented businesses on innovations that can transform the lives of poor and vulnerable girls aged 10-19 living across East Africa. We work with world-class experts to support these businesses to create innovations with purpose and commercial potential. SPRING are looking for high-potential businesses with opportunities for scale, or established nonprofits looking for significant market-oriented commercial innovation. If you fit the bill apply online: http://www.springaccelerator.org/apply/ 

Applications close next Thursday on 1st Dec, so hurry! 

img_4062“It’s practical and relevant and kids embrace Science without thinking about it,” Jacqueline Dismas says.

“Science helps answer all those questions kids ask, like ‘Why is the sky blue?’ and ‘How come that everything you throw up falls down?’ she says

Science teaches kids about life

The benefits of learning about science for young kids are enormous. “Science involves a lot of talking and listening to others; it develops patience, too – a lot of the time in science things don’t happen overnight.”

Add to the mix are skills for life such as perseverance, problem-solving and researching.

It can teach children to form their own opinions, rather than taking those of others for granted. Jackie Says

img_4069“It helps kids to think about what could happen before they do it, to create a hypothesis in their mind. Then kids learn that not everything works the first time. Some experiments fall in a heap and you have to find out what went wrong, and try again,” Jackie says.

Science in school also teaches kids about the way the world works eg, how clothes are made or why volcanoes erupt.

It can spark ideas in kids’ minds that they, too, may one day be capable of creating solutions to big problems such as reducing poverty through the improvement of seed genetics to grow stronger crops, Jackie says.

Science jobs for the future

img_4058 “When we look at science and the discoveries that come through, we’ve only scratched the surface,” Jackie says.

Jobs in renewable energies such as solar and hydro-power are increasing rapidly. Then there is the conversation that goes with it in terms of preserving plants and animals.

“There is always going to be the study of different habitats as well as the increase in technology in renewable energies,” she says.

Medical research is also going to escalate. Even now, scientists are developing the ‘shoulders’ that future scientists will stand on in terms of cures for diseases.

“It can teach kids to form their own opinions rather than take those of others for granted. In science you’re taught to go about getting a whole lot of information from different people and sources – experts, teachers – it’s not just Googling for the answer online,” she says.

“It’s about saying, ‘I’ve looked at a whole lot of things and made my own opinion’.”


To all Community members
On Friday 11th November 2016, we will be having a community meetup that will focus to discuss issues regarding Buni and the community itself. Among the things that we will discuss include five years of Buni and how we can plan for an exciting week of celebrating our five years of operation.

Tell a friend to tell a friend…



Bonfire night along with Kareoke

Bonfire night along with Karaoke

Let me tell you my friend, it might seem a bit new thing to you, but the fun that lays behind any camping activity is unexplainable. Camping involves a group of various individuals who join together for a trip far away from the normal common places, to enjoy, connect more and the most important is to have fun.

Now my friend, Buni will be celebrating it’s five years of operation since establishment. We aim to connect the old and new community members into a dazzling camping night at Bagamoyo. With this, the community will have a greater sphere of people to connect with,interact with and network with. If you will miss this, there is no way you will recover from a disease called “lost fun”. I think you need to hear more, now this is the moment.

Boat Cruising

Boat Cruising

The trip will last for two day from saturday 12th 13th november 2016 at Bagamoyo coast beaches, and it will only cost you 40,000Tsh overnight and 25,000Tsh for sunday only. The main activities that will be done at the coast of Indian Ocean will make you smile throughout your stay at this adventurous camping trip.

There will be a series of events from the week of 12th to 17th. One of the activities is Buni Family Day, whereby we shall have a barbecue party at Bagamoyo.

There are two options, on the 12th, the ones interested will join us for Read more

Written by Basil Malaki

14642227_1116555208413731_9139834036342564472_nDar es Salaam, a city once referred to as ‘the residence of peace’ has lived upto the pomp and glamor of its identity since independence to date. In the vast East African region, the economic growth of Dar es Salaam city over the last decade is remarkably recognized as a regional and Pan-African fastest growing city.

‘The African Development Bank reports in Tracking Africa’s Progress in Figures that Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s largest city and the country’s trading hub, will outpace all other African cities in growth between 2010 and 2025, followed by Nairobi, Kenya; Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo; Luanda, Angola; and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’.

Source: africastrictlybusiness.com

Efforts invested towards making Dar es Salaam an outstanding African city are made possible by the government’s active involvement in the course of providing better services to its people in order to improve on the living standards of the people and to a debatable extent minimize rural – urban migration rates that encourage concentration of government services and facilities such as education, health and technology which disadvantages growth in rural communities. Read more