Now you can “Order food, get it at your doorsteps” with Misosihub

Misosi Hub is an on-demand online and mobile-food ordering application with delivery services that connects dinners to local restaurants. Misosi Hub as a dinning platform, that gives you a fun way to find new restaurants, save money and support local “spots” with a simple click. There are also other features like ceremonial venues on the restaurants that provide space for events. Through Misosi Hub, we expect to grow businesses, create jobs, and deliver smiles in Dra-es- salaam City. But the journey has just begun. We want to bring our last-mile logistics infrastructure to every corner of Tanzania. As the target is to service the growing urban working population of over 4million people in need of food, while creating a shared value that empowers SME’s restaurants.

Are you hungry, Busy, long cue’s, no worries, we got you covered!!

Visit our website at www.misosihub.com

Download our app at This Link