IoT for Africa: Building Smart Communities #M360AFRICA


The internet has already entered the physical space: from wireless sensors for measuring crop growth and soil moisture, smart meters for household utility usages, to tracking endangered animals; the practical uses and benefits of IoT in Africa are endless.

As the African continent prepares to host over half the global population growth from now until 2050, building a connected network to support the growth of smart communities is critical. The widespread introduction and adoption of next generation M2M and mobile services in Africa is key for continuing regional success in rural advancement, agriculture digitization, connected villages, health and mobile money.

In this opening session we will explore some of the brilliantly clever ways IoT is transforming industries, and then also examine exactly what are the next building blocks required to continue to nurture this growth? Join us here to be inspired, awed and get into the real debate on which enabling technologies need to be invested in to maximizing the potential of IoT in a Smart Africa?

Date :  Wednesday, 12 Jul 2017 09:30 – 10:45