GIST Announces New Online Mentorship Portal


This November, 1,200 young innovators will gather in Hyderabad, India, for the 2017Global Entrepreneurship Summit. In anticipation of the GES, the Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) Initiative is excited to announce a new resource for young entrepreneurs around the world.

GIST has created an online portal called GIST Mentor Match, which provides young entrepreneurs mentorship opportunities based on the specific needs of a startup and the specific strengths of a mentor. The portal will launch October 30, 2017. The goal of GIST Mentor Match is to break down the barriers that prevent young innovators from seeking out the help of established entrepreneurs.

The available mentors specialize in everything from raising capital to ecosystem building, and hail from a variety of countries around the world. No matter what step on the entrepreneurial journey an innovator is on, the mentors on GIST Mentor Match have the knowledge, skills and connections to help founders succeed.

Entrepreneurs using the portal can find a mentor that best fits their needs by using the comprehensive search options in the portal. Searches can be customized based on location, industry and even the needs of a startup. Once a mentor is found, entrepreneurs can request a mentorship match. If the mentor accepts, a mentor match is made. The mentorship can then continue through the messaging service offered by the portal, or go offline to better fit the needs of mentor and mentee.

The portal is also flexible, allowing mentors and mentees to work on their own schedules and availability. GIST Mentor Match is designed to allow a mentor or mentee to put in as much or as little time as needed for a constructive mentorship.

If you are interested in using the GIST Mentor Match online portal, follow this link to create a GIST Network profile and register. Registration for the portal will open on October 30.To register, you will need to provide specific information about yourself, your startup and your mentorship needs. GIST Mentor Match is a free online resource open to any young entrepreneur seeking guidance on how to turn their ideas into reality.