The future of Money, Bitcoin Presentation Tuesday 10am @Bunihub

August 22, 2017 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm Africa/Dar es Salaam
Buni Hub

shutterstock_2399715701The Future of Money: Bitcoin Presentation
Come tomorrow and meet Taurai Chinyamakobvu,
a high-impact leader with strong competencies in technological innovation, strategy and global business, Taurai was trained at business schools in Zimbabwe, Japan, USA & Sweden. He is an advisor on Africa to Marubeni Corporation, a Fortune Global 500 company. Taurai is also an advisor and director of Bitfinance, a pan-African blockchain company; and a partner & director of Flocash, a pan-African online payment gateway connected to over 200 payment networks worldwide and operating in over 30 African countries. He is an expert on digital finance with an extra-ordinary passionate about innovation and its impact on society. He also writes about technology, innovation and blockchain on various technology blogs. Taurai previously worked in various sectors such as banking, telecoms, industrial and technology.
He will be here tomorrow at 10am to come and share with you the future of digital payment system, Bitcoin and the opporutunities it can raise for Africans, if you have time, this is not to miss. Tell a friend aswell