If you are planning to miss this, you shouldn’t #BuniAt5 Trip to Bagamoyo

November 12, 2016 – November 13, 2016 all-day Africa/Dar es Salaam
Mlingotini Beach resort
40000 overnight & 25000 one day
Maryam Mgonjah
+255 714 491 591
Bonfire night along with Kareoke

Bonfire night along with Karaoke

Let me tell you my friend, it might seem a bit new thing to you, but the fun that lays behind any camping activity is unexplainable. Camping involves a group of various individuals who join together for a trip far away from the normal common places, to enjoy, connect more and the most important is to have fun.

Now my friend, Buni will be celebrating it’s five years of operation since establishment. We aim to connect the old and new community members into a dazzling camping night at Bagamoyo. With this, the community will have a greater sphere of people to connect with,interact with and network with. If you will miss this, there is no way you will recover from a disease called “lost fun”. I think you need to hear more, now this is the moment.

Boat Cruising

Boat Cruising

The trip will last for two day from saturday 12th 13th november 2016 at Bagamoyo coast beaches, and it will only cost you 40,000Tsh overnight and 25,000Tsh for sunday only. The main activities that will be done at the coast of Indian Ocean will make you smile throughout your stay at this adventurous camping trip.

There will be a series of events from the week of 12th to 17th. One of the activities is Buni Family Day, whereby we shall have a barbecue party at Bagamoyo.

There are two options, on the 12th, the ones interested will join us for the first sessions of games and story telling at night where we are also going to have bornfire and camping, cost for that is 40,000 per person. Those who will join us on Sunday, thats when we are going to have the barbecue party and games for the whole day, cost is 25,000 TZS

Barbecued goat mishikaki & drinks

Barbecued goat mishikaki & drinks

This is a way to bond as a community but also bring together the Buni Alumnis, ones who have been in Buni during the span of time


Only two days remaining for you to book your ticket now, visit www.timetickets.net to book your ticket now. Transport and sleeping Tent is included in your package.


Don’t say we did not inform you when the “fun” exceeds the word “fun” itself