Buni Internship Program Demo Day This Friday @Buni

September 8, 2017 @ 11:00 am – 2:00 pm Africa/Dar es Salaam
Buni Innovation Hub
Dar es Salaam
Rahim Mngwaya

K15_3367-XLBringing innovation spaces to Tanzania is an ambition very few people can live up to, Buni Innovation hub is one of a kind community space that brings together tech innovators and entrepreneurs to share solutions to global problems.

Buni’s role is to discover and nurture talent through various cross cutting programs such as Buni Community Outreach program, Buni Internship program, Buni Mentoring Program and Buni Fabrication mini fab lab which accommodates Buni makers community of hardware developers. 

Buni internship program aims to nurture independent thinking young innovators by engaging them through an ideation program that sharpens their views on solving community problems as well as finding a business case that will help them sustain in longer runs.  The aim of the program is to transform the mindset of most Tanzanian youth which sometimes limit them from thinking creatively and innovately.

Buni interns are encouraged to ensure that they come up with products that solve real problems at the end of the internship program, Thus being the case, strong program structure has been created to ensure individuals participating through our program, have a lasting skillset to make them successful entrepreneurs anywhere in the world.

Buni Internship program structure includes Human Centered Design, Product/ Service Ideation, Team Formation and Roles Distribution, Business Model Canvas, Customer validation, Market Research, Product development

This year Buni has successful completed the first batch of Internship program which started earlier on july and lasted for 2 month before it came to an end. This Friday, interns will be pitching their final products in-front of the public and the jury as part of the successful enrollment to our program. We believe in what they have managed to do for 8 weeks, and we invite you all to come and see what the Future of Tanzania will look like. With us, Tanzania is in Safe Hands

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