Become the master of convincing, Art of pitching session this Thursday @Buni

November 2, 2017 @ 11:00 am – 2:00 pm Africa/Dar es Salaam
Buni Innovation hub
Dar es Salaam
Rahim Mngwaya

rahimWhat is pitching exactly? If you don’t know it, don’t worry. You are excused. A lot of people don’t know what it is and it’s really not that strange, because the word has different meanings in different contexts; in the world of music, we have the vocal pitch; in the world of baseball, we have the pitching of a ball; and finally, in the business world, a pitch is a short presentation. And this is only to name a few.

When we use the word ‘pitch’, we refer to the latter example – a pitch is a short presentation.

Pitching can be used under many different circumstances and for different occasions. We use pitching for our work, when we must convince a colleague or business partner about a new idea or a certain way of doing things. We pitch our self before going out on a date with the beautiful girl or pitch the trip to Europe to our girlfriend.

Often we are not even aware that we are pitching under these everyday circumstances but that changes substantially during special occasions. We use pitching, when we; make a speech to our best friend’s wedding; present in an exam situation; or present an idea, concept or product to a potential client or business partner.

They say that an idea is worth nothing without the execution. A central part of the execution is to communicate your idea. In other words: it is not enough to have a good idea – you must also be able to sell it to others. You must convince, sell and communicate clearly and get your message across. That’s what pitching is about.

It is very easy on paper; you have a good idea, so you want to convince others that they should participate in the execution of it; you have a great product, so you want the customers to buy it. Often it isn’t as easy as it may sound. Therefore, it would be beneficial to consider pitching as a discipline of its own: as something you can practise and eventually master.

Pitching is a discipline that enables you to present your idea concisely and convincingly, so that your idea, message or product – no matter what it is – can reach the stars.

This Thursday, there will be a session at Buni hub that will focus on making you a pitching master. The main aim for the session is to lay down all the techniques that will perfect the way you speak to your audience. The session will include

  • The art of pitching verbally & Body language: This will focus on how to use your voice with perfect body language combination, to convince anyone, and yes we mean it ANYONE
  • How to perfect your presentation: This will highlight what to be included in a pitch, to help you deliver your message across the audience

To become good at pitching, it is essential to arrive at the occasion at least 30 minutes before. The session will start at 11am sharp, so if you delay, you will find us in the next chapter. Anyone is welcomed to attend free of charge.