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Hub Manager, Musa Kamata

KAMATAI am a project management practitioner and an entrepreneur with employable ICT skills and knowledge with over three years experience in Project Management in different projects such as socio-economic empowerment programs.  Currently, I lead Buni Hub (COSTECH)  overseeing the Hubs daily operations.

I am also a Project Manager for TechBox Africa. I monitor, coordinate and perform project evaluation and assessment of the team.

I am a Co founder of Daftari Pay startup company  which empowers SMEs to be bankable, promoting financial inclusion hence encouraging Tanzanian economic growth.

My attention to detail gave me an opportunity to work as a World Bank consultant  in the implementation of the Negawatt Challenge, Dar es salaam Energy Change Lab by HIVOS and Making All voices Count (MAVC) as a Business Mentor.

Co-Hub Manager, Jacqueline Dismas


Jacqueline is currently working as a Fablab Manager at Buni Hub, Costech, who sees the potential in youth and work with them for a bright tomorrow which will be a result of mass production of electronic gadgets.

She is an open-minded person with a proven record in dealing with Electronics and Communication systems, full of technical skills as well as excellent interpersonal skills. She is eager to be challenged in order to grow and improve her professional skills gained through previous experiences in the Electronics and Communication industry.

Events and Corporate Partnerships Manager, Maryam Mgonja

MMaryamaryam, a coach, facilitator and an experienced Public relations figure, with a background in Journalism and Mass communications, has been working in the Technology field for about half a decade now. With that in her career, she started working as a tech-journalist earlier 2015 with her startup known as Techbox where she acts as a presenter and research analyst for the show. She is the current Events and Corporate Partnerships Manager at the Buni Hub. Maryam is also among the Co-founders and a Lead Mentors of Buni Divaz, a Ladies community at Buni hub which encourages ladies participation in ICT and Tech entrepreneurship. She has been acting has Public Relations for different ICT startups at the Buni Innovation Hub to help them communicate with their potential clients, partners and investors. Maryam has worked in several social empowerment projects including the project I-Empower which was aiming at creating awareness to youths on drug abuse where she worked as Project Coordinator. The project was conducted by a media company MAA-Media in partnership with Tanzania’s National Bank of Commerce (NBC) in 2014.

Operations Lead , Paul Mandele

Paul MandelePaul is a technology enthusiast, a mid-level developer and young activist having background in electronics, computer science and leadership roles.

Having attended technical schools and worked with Ifunda and Iyunga Tech Sec Schools’ electrical & electronics maintenance brigades Paul has got a proven experience on electronics, Also having served as ICT trainer and treasurer at Kijana Amka Sasa Organization for 2 years and being a founding member of African Youth Empowerment Team-NGO, Paul proves his leadership abilities and experience on ICT industry.

Paul’s achievements includes participation on  Africa rising course – a leadership course by African Leadership University, co-founding Prinpo – a start-up that focuses on selling 3D printed visual teaching models to schools and co-founding AYET – a youth led initiative to redefine African youth empowerment and advocacy
Paul is passionate about grooming the generation of young leaders and innovators who use technology to solve problems around their communities and create job opportunities for themselves and their fellow youth.


Communications & Fabrication Lab Manager, Rahim Hussein

rahimRahim is a technology enthusiast passionate about programming, electronics and entrepreneurship. He has background experience working as a software developer for two years working as an independent developer. Rahim has been working with loyola high school workshop, teaching fellow students how to code.

Then after he worked at shecode for change, teaching young girls mechatronics. A combination of electronics and programming. He is a founder of a startup called Lemon a web based platform that combines all the project management tools all in one dashboard. To prove his skills in electronics, he has been working on various project since high school such as the rocket flight that flew 500ft above the ground. He then created a land vehicle called probe that was used to do research underground in remote areas. He then made the first e-waste drone in Tanzania and Africa at large.

Rahim is passionate about sharing knowledge with the community in terms of technology, entrepreneurship and leadership. Currently Rahim works at Buni Innovation Hub as a communications and projects lead.




Marieme Jamme


A regular speaker of Women of the World (WOW), recently named as one of the 100 most influential Africans of 2014 by the Africa Business Magazine, and Forbes Magazine, Mariéme Jamme is a Senegalese born-British businesswoman, who ran a technology consultancy business in London, her company Spotone Global Solutions helps International tech companies selling enterprise software solutions, to set a foothold in Africa, Middle East and Asia. Marieme is best known for her role in promoting technology, good governance, transparency and a better education standard in Africa.

Mariéme grow up in rural Senegal, from an oligarch mother who gave her away at early age and later was raised in an orphanage and then sold as a prostitute. She experienced considerable hardship during her childhood and did not attend school until the age of 16 years old.

She is an autodidact, blogger, tech and education activist who work tirelessly to empower her fellow Africans through education, empowerment, mentoring, leadership and economic development. Mariéme was also named one of Forbe’s ‘20 youngest power women in Africa 2012‘, nominated by the guardian African community network as one of the African women to watch in 2013 and recently honored as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum in Davos.  Read More

Jumanne Mtambalike

IMG_7371Jumanne Mtambalike is an entrepreneur and technology enthusiast. Currently working as Hub Manager of Buni Hub. Among other things, he is a technology blogger, ICT expert, technology entrepreneur and community reformer. He is the founder of online digital magazine that cover African technology techboxafrica.com previously known as tech360magazine.com.

Some of his achievements at Buni hub includes; successful establishment of the mini fabrication laboratory,  implementation of the first  e-waste 3d printer in East Africa and developing four programs with his colleagues that keeps the hub alive.  Jumanne has received honorary award from her excellency ambassador of Finland to Tanzania as the best individual achievement in Africa Leadership in ICT programme organized by the GeSCI, the NGO founded by United Nations ICT task force.

Previously, He was the winner of the National Cybersecurity Award in Bangalore India 2009. He was the president of Tanzania students association in Bangalore, India between 2009-2011. He founded startup called GreenTech 2010, he worked as a Data Analyst at Tanzania Port Authority  (2011-2012)  until he joined Buni in early 2013. Currently, he is working at Buni as hub manager while building his startup, TechBox Africa.

Brian Paul

IMG_2575Armed with a Computer Science background, I love the use of technology and media in telling Africa’s stories. I’m also an advocate of open source technology.

Working at Buni hub, in Dar es salaam Tanzania with young creative minds, developing solutions to community problems. Entrepreneurial and an advocate of “Do what you love”.

Everyone has a chance to inspire someone else, to be a better person. Sharing inspirations and showing possibilities is what I love doing. I used not to be a huge fan of history and storytelling but now it’s becoming more and more a part of my day to day activities. The use of data in analysing situations and coming up with different conclusions previously unimagined, fascinates me. I am a big fan of sports.


Basil Onyango

basilimageI’m a Marketing Communications in Advertising practitioner by profession; by experience, I’m a project manager, a peer mentor for social innovation, technology and entrepreneurship initiatives.

I’ve worked with the World Bank group in Tanzania as a consultant, Hivos International as a consultant, Laurent and Augustine Advertising firm in Tanzania, Insight Consulting Consortium as a consultant among other local and international organizations and projects.

I’m a philanthropist, traveller, gamesome, I also love speed ‘cars’. I train and facilitate on marketing communications and public speaking – presentation, how to startup a startup and business development. I currently work with Buni Hub as a Marketing Communication lead in Project Management; a project of the Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH), The Information Society and ICT Sector Development Project in Tanzania – TANZICT.




Physical Address

We are at The Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology building which is situated in Dar es salaam city at the COSTECH (Sayansi-building) Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road, Kijitonyama.Ground floor on the right.


P.O. Box 4302,
Dar es salaam

Email Address

brian@buni.or.tz || jumanne@buni.or.tz