Buni Community is composed of community members under five different types of membership.

Early Registration

Anyone can apply to become Buni Community member, as long as you are passionate about solving community problems, using technology. This type of membership, allows for a person to get him/herself familiarized with Buni, get to know more about buni, and establish connections with other members at the hub. Duration: 2 Months Benefits – Early Registration

  • Unlimited Access to Buni Co-working space for 2 Months
  • Receives Buni weekly newsletter
  • Access to Buni Events

Management Members

Management members includes the  hub management team ( event organizers, lab mentors, security officer, operations team and branding team).  The main responsibilities of the management crew includes ; tasks assigned on the Buni work plan, attending Buni management meetings, Organizing events and community meetups, branding and communicating Buni, security and general operations of the hub and supporting community members. Register here

Champions – Alpha

Champions includes (Trainers, mentors, facilitators and community champions). The main roles of Buni champions is to help providing technical and business support to teams and individuals participating in different Buni programmes. Buni community champions are individuals working closely with Buni to add values to the community through community outreach programmes and other volunteer works. Interns Interns includes people who have graduated from the internship programme or currently they are on the programme. All individual working on projects or ideas within a specified period of time in the internship programme are recommended to apply for this type of membership. The main roles of the interns is to commit and work on their projects or ideas within the internship period. Buni offers opportunity for graduates of the internship programme to join the mentoring programme for further development of their ideas. Register here


Mentored Ideas and Startups

Individuals, teams and startups that are currently being mentored or have graduated from the mentoring programme. All teams and individuals looking to scale their ideas or early stage startups to the next level are recommended to apply for this type of membership. This membership also is open for non-profit making startups at the hub, the aim is to offer the startups mentoring services to scale their startups. The main role of the mentored startups and teams is to fully commit on their ideas and startups.  Register here


Makers and FabLab users

Members of the makers community and users of the fabrication laboratory. All individuals working on makertronix (making things) are recommended to apply for this type of membership. This membership gives you opportunity to use the mini fabrication laboratory at Buni hub and a chance to work closely with our maker community “make fellows”. Register here


Startups and Freelancers operating at the space

Individuals and teams working on their early stage businesses offering ICT services or developing products at early stage and they have started to make profit. You are recommended to apply for this membership level if your business has already started to make profit otherwise join the mentorship programme. Register here

More details about the membership levels, type, description, responsibilities, privileges and membership duration follow this link.