Buni Internship Program Summary Week 1 (On progress)

Intern-poster-week-1Buni Internship Program is a 8 to 10 weeks program primarily for University students to practically validate their theoretical skills acquired from school individually or in teams through an intense capacity building and business development process driven by ideation, team formation, product development, customer/market validation training among others from professional business coaches and mentors.

IMG_4692At the end of the program participating teams present their problem/solution fit prototypes to a panel of cross-cutting judges and mentors for product endorsement before the teams are enrolled to Buni Mentoring Program.

This first batch of 2017 internship program has managed to attract more than 70 students across universities in Tanzania, who registered to be enrolled in our program. Due to the few spots that we had, we were able to select only 20 students to come and participate in the program.

The first week of the Internship program is coming to and end ensuring that the basic entrepreneurship skills are taught prior .to the program schedule. Throughout this week students were able to cover,IMG_4694

  • Team formation techniques (Belbin’s Team Formation technique)
  • Concept design and Ideation (Human Centered design)
  • Lean Model Canvas (Proof of Idea)

Coming to and end of the first week, Interns were able to form ideas of solutions based on the problems they are facing on the daily basis. A total of 12 ideas where formed randomly and validation of the ideas was performed right after.