Become the Solution Innovation challenge 2017 application round opened

Innovation-challenge-2017-FBIn a world where repressive regimes constantly step up their coercive game and target human rights defenders, we need to find smart solutions that enable continued human rights work globally. When you enter the Innovation Challenge (IC), you get the chance of becoming that solution. You can receive funding to turn your idea into a prototype.

Civil Rights Defenders is an international human rights organisation that defends civil and political rights and strengthens human rights defenders at risk. For 35 years, Civil Rights Defenders has supported the civil society in repressive countries. The Innovation Challenge is an annual competition designed to tackle different civil and political rights themes each year.

Below you will find the necessary information to participate, as well as the all-important submission form.



Innovation Challenge grants are awarded to applicants with particularly innovative ideas aimed at human rights defenders (HRDs).

Anyone is welcome to apply: companies, government actors, non-profits, for-profits, education establishments, NGOs or individuals. It is however required that the entity has the ability to receive funding and has an audit capacity. Applicants can apply with multiple ideas, however only one application per entity will qualify for the second round. If you apply with multiple entries Civil Rights Defenders will choose one.


The Innovation Challenge is searching for innovative ideas worldwide. Any application closely connected to one of the following themes can be submitted:

  1. HRD Security

HRDs are constantly at risk. Today, human rights are threatened everywhere, international treaties are challenged, abandoned, and all-in-all populistic and short-sighted policies are gaining ground. Many governments invest tremendous sums in surveillance and HRDs, advocates for our rights, bear the brunt of that backlash. The Innovation Challenge is interested in ideas that provide:

  • Physical security;
  • Organisational security;
  • Digital security;
  • Secure financial transactions;
  • Secure audits;
  • Mental health.


For examples and inspiration, check out the Innovation blog, Innovation Challenge 2017: Part 1, HRD Security.


  1. Creative Reporting

The graveyard of unread pdf documents reports are increasing by the day. Important as they may be, unfortunately the traditional reporting style is a thing of the past. Here we urge you to come up with smart creative ideas of how to share information to increse impact. It can be, but is not limited to:

  • Annual reviews;
  • Advocacy campaigns;
  • Financial reporting;
  • Project reporting;
  • Dashboard metrics.

For more info and registering please visit https://crdinnovation.org/IC2017/