About Us


UntitledAbout the Space

Buni is a technology Hub which foster innovation and technology entrepreneurship through capacity building, mentoring programs and community empowerment. Founded in 2011, Buni Innovation Hub focus is to discover, nurture and mentor youths with innovative technological  solutions to problems facing Tanzania.

Summary of what we do

Buni Hub is the first Innovation space to be established in Tanzania. Based in the country’s capital Dar es Salaam, Buni has a reputable record of nurturing and mentoring some of the best startup brands in Tanzania such as Soka App, Agrinfo, Time-Tickets among others.

Buni Hub imparts business centred employable hands on skills and knowledge  to youths who are determined to distinguish themselves from the ordinary employee and/or entrepreneurs who aspire to be different from the average entrepreneur with little to no strategic business development skills. Buni Hub’s contribution to the local innovation ecosystem is supported by 4 core programs namely;

  1. Buni Internship Program
  2. Buni Mentoring program (Pre-Incubation Program)
  3. Buni Communities Program
  4. Buni Fabrication Laboratory