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You’re invited to create innovative location-aware applications for the citizens of Dar es Salaam at Buni Hub!

WhereIsMyTransport has partnered with Facebook for Developers and Developer Circles from Facebook to host The CONNECT Series of Hackathons in five cities across Africa.

Over a single weekend, you will be provided access and expertise to help you build mobile solutions that combine the Facebook Places Graph, and the WhereIsMyTransport Public Transport API.

The winning team stands to win $1000 USD, while second and third place stand to win Facebook coupons to the value of an additional $500 each. The top three teams secure a year’s worth of free access to the WhereIsMyTransport Public Transport API.

To register, please visit https://www.quicket.co.za/events/40730-connectdaressalaam/#/

Born in a small rural town in Michigan, Levi earned a degree in Computer Science Engineering at the University of Michigan before moving to San Francisco, California. He worked at Intel, Apple, Microsoft, Palm, HP, and Google, with an overall focus on web browser rendering engines. After quitting his job at Google, Levi has spent the last 9 months traveling across Africa by motorbike before settling in Dar to try and support the technology scene here.

This Friday, Levi will meet with developers at Buni Hub to discuss on how they can manage development of Big projects such as Google Chrome of which he was part of development team. Then after, a course structure will be designed to help support the developers in Tanzania and east Africa at large. To assure yourself a seat at the course you need to be part of the open discussion session.

NOW if you are a developer and you would like to take part in this, register through the link below and wait to CODE!!!

Register Here

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Around the world, about 1.3 billion people live without power. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), over 95% of these people live either in sub-Saharan African or developing Asia and around 80% of these are in rural areas.

50% of the total unconnected population is in Africa, where in many countries there is no electricity sector for the majority. Those who are connected are paying 20 to 100 times more than developed countries to power their homes and businesses with kerosene lamps and generators.

Providing affordable and reliable electricity to some of these rural places would make an enormous difference. This excites the people at steama.co, a company that is helping utilities retail electricity in rural Africa.

“We looked around and that wasn’t available, so we built it,” Leaf (Steama Co’s co-founder says. “We stopped being an EPC and we started just being the company that you see today. Read more

Misosi Hub is an on-demand online and mobile-food ordering application with delivery services that connects dinners to local restaurants. Misosi Hub as a dinning platform, that gives you a fun way to find new restaurants, save money and support local “spots” with a simple click. There are also other features like ceremonial venues on the restaurants that provide space for events. Through Misosi Hub, we expect to grow businesses, create jobs, and deliver smiles in Dra-es- salaam City. But the journey has just begun. We want to bring our last-mile logistics infrastructure to every corner of Tanzania. As the target is to service the growing urban working population of over 4million people in need of food, while creating a shared value that empowers SME’s restaurants.

Are you hungry, Busy, long cue’s, no worries, we got you covered!!

Visit our website at www.misosihub.com

Download our app at This Link




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Article by – Basil Malaki


Your win today might not be a guarantee for success tomorrow.

“There is ice and there is fire. Hate and love. Bitter and sweet… Winter and summer. Evil and good.” Failure and Success complete the business cycle when we lose and win. In business everybody is a winner and everybody is a loser.

Tanzanian investors fear losing, nevermind, they all want to win. The fear of failure is the genesis of retarded thinking. When the fear to loose checks in even the brain stops thinking straight making us shy away from the elephant in the room, if you can not take on the elephant in the room which is fear in this case, then you are not fit enough to survive the rule of the business jungle. Read more