10941371_1574675279410931_3895532515012524022_nTop innovations and great inventions are historically masculine. A review on greatest women innovators reveals a few famous names and for some reasons Mother Teresa crossed my mind; the mention of her name  resonates  in my head as the mother of charity and  notably. There is no invention to link her to, but her charity missions irrefutably put her in the rank of world’s greatest women. Temple Grandin, Margaret Thatcher, Amelia Earhart, I could also mention Martha Graham as if  she invented dance assuming people never danced before but her innovations in physical expression forever changed the dance world, at the Top of my list is Marie Curie; the first female winner of the Nobel Prize in 1903 (she won it twice in both physics and chemistry), Curie was a pioneering physicist and chemist who is known for her breakthrough ideas in radioactivity,  her discovery of two elements and a myriad more infamous names linked to weak innovative inventions. Judging me for using the word weak whilst I have no strong innovative idea attached to my name will be an insult to humanity, my definition and context of the word ‘weak’ is relative depending on how crude you perceive it. Read more

Buni Poster 1_001The Microsoft Office Training course offers an introduction to the main Office applications: Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint, in bite-sized tutorials. You quickly cover basics for each app. For instance: using the Quick Access ribbon in Word, formatting cells in Excel, creating your first database in Access, and how to start and theme a new PowerPoint presentation.

This saturday the training will be conducted at the space, inviting each and everyone who will be interested in learning new skills in Microsoft Office. The event is free and anyone is welcomed. Tell a friend to tell a friend.

Dear Buningers,
Here is an opportunity for you to apply to the Los Angeles Mobility Challenge. If you are a startup that is eligible to the criteria below, please apply for the challenge now!
The five focus areas of the Challenge are:
  • Shared Mobility – Ride sharing, car sharing, short-term, as needed mobility solutions
  • Personal Mobility – Bikes, scooters, skateboards, individual modes of transit
  • Electrification – Electric vehicles, charging systems, energy storage
  • Autonomous Vehicles – AI, LIDAR, smart mapping, vehicle integration
  • Smart Infrastructure – Smart parking, IoT, traffic systems, MaaS
Applicant startups must have the following characteristics:
1. Be less than five years old
2. Revenues of less than $5 million
3. Product in pilot, beta or prototype stage
Three companies will be selected per category to attend the event. One winner will be selected per category, as well as an overall winner for the whole event. The online application will include uploading presentation materials.
During LA CoMotion on November 15-19, shortlisted companies will be provided exhibition space at no cost adjacent to relevant content sessions. The fifteen shortlisted start-ups will perform fast pitches before or after relevant panels and take part in a live judging session including LA CoMotion Advisory Council members, advisors, and LA CoMotion partners.
The finalists will repeat their fast pitches at a showcase event where the category winners and the overall winner will be announced.
All finalists will:
  • Receive exhibit space and inclusion in the conference at no cost;
  • Exhibit in the public Expo on November 17th and 18th as well as on the Street of the Future under design by Gensler
  • Have the chance to win $15,000 as the challenge champion and $2,500 per category winner
  • Receive in-kind support from sponsors or partners
  • Get membership to LACI’s business incubation program
  • Have access to the La Kretz Innovation Campus, and/or equipment use in LACI’s Advanced Prototyping Center.


On 8th August every year, Tanzania is celebrating farmers day to appreciate and encourage farmers to keep producing for betterment of the country and its people. This year Buni was given an opportunity to bring along the startups that focus on Agriculture as their key focus, to showcase, learn as well as have a direct interaction with the farmers.

With an increasing global population, a decreasing amount of land available for food production and with more than 60% of Tanzanian population directly involved in small scale agriculture, there is no time like the present to strive to educate the public about agriculture and farming practices. It cannot be stated enough how crucial it is for more people to understand agriculture and not be influenced by common misconceptions (Farming is for the poor etc). There is no doubt that the general public needs to be more knowledgeable about agriculture, as well as more aware about just how much it impacts all of our lives. Read more

Nairuby welcomes you to join us for our One-day Ruby Bootcamp! You’ve got a head full of ideas when it comes to creating a web app, but where do you start? In this Ruby workshop, you’ll learn HTML, Rails, and GIT basics that will get you moving the right direction in your app development process. In this workshop, you will learn the basics of programming in Ruby – enough to play around with arrays, hashes, control structures, and methods. You will also be able to build and deploy a simple Rails app (“Twitter clone”) to Heroku.

The workshop has a few objectives among them;
-Build a simple Ruby-oriented program
-Differentiate arrays and hashes
-Build a simple Rails app from scratch
This is your chance to become a Ruby developer, register now
Get your ticket. Supported by Buni & Kazi+ Sponsored by GitLab GitHub &Kama Kazi https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ruby-workshop-dar-es-salaam-tz-tickets-35563102196